We are moving quickly forward on our Desert Sled components! We have these sample Superior copy pipes as supplied in the late 40’s through mid 1950’s. These were really designed for Rigid Triumph but my long suffering 1954 T110 Tiger desert sled is what I had to fit them to. Pictures soon of them on my 1947 sled! Also will have replica Bast Bros. skid plates and replica “Q” filter assemblies to complete the transformation. The final crowning glory will be Desert Master seats, still looking for a sample to copy of that one however. See the pictures with a Superior 1947 Muffler as a fitting addition to the 1 3/4″ pipe set. Pictured in front of my 1941 Buick Special. We are also making the MCM spark arrestor replica. Price will be a bit more than 1968 though.