The new Tri-spark ignition for Tridents and BSA Rocket 3 is fully contained under the points cover! This is the easiest to install. Tri-Spark ignitions fire each 12v coil individually for a more concise idle and better throttle response. In addition this is the only ignition for the E-start T160 that allows the bike to start on the button every time. We still stock the original version as well with a remote brain box but the new unit is the best there is for your 3 cylinder bike. Check with your British Bike dealer for this amazing ignition.

Here is what Tri-spark has to say:
The Classic Triple has all the ignition performance you need for your Trident or Rocket 3 – WITHOUT THE BLACK BOX. We were asked for a simplified installation with superior running and here it is! Advances in technology have enabled us to build a high performance sequential firing system in this compact design with only five wire connections. This high precision system with built in self test button is tailored exclusively for the Triumph Trident, BSA Rocket Three, T160 and Hurricane machines. Easy starting and a smooth idle are retained from our original triple system which BTW will be available well into the future. Compatible with 12 volt coils (6 volt coils if a ballast resistor is fitted).

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