Here are the installation instructions for the Al Miles Anti-Sump valve.

It is not necessary to drain oil from the tank prior to installing the Valve

  1. Clamp (using ViseGrips or equivalent) the rubber oil feed tube leading from the oil
  2. supply to the engine as shown below. Install in Feed line.
  3. Remove approximately 3/4″ of the rubber tube anywhere along the oil feed line but below the clamp. Avoid any tight bends in the oil line. Make sure the oil line connection between the valve and the line to the engine makes a secure, air tight seal. An air leak can cause the oil pump to run dry. Old oil lines harden over time and may not seal properly. Make sure there is oil in the oil line from the clamp to the engine. This will insure that when the engine is started the vacuum from the back side of the oil pump will lift the check ball off its seat.
  4. Slide a constant tension hose clamp (supplied) over each end of the feed line as shown below.
  5. Insert the oil sump valve in the line as shown with the black half toward the oil supply (tank). Push each end of the valve into its respective oil tube as far as it will go. Make sure there is oil in the oil line from the Anti-wet Sump Valve to engine.
  6. With the use of pliers or equivalent, slide each of the constant tension clamps up over the end of the oil line as shown below. Install the tie wrap/zip tie (provided) through the eyelet of each tubing clamp as shown.
  7. Remove the ViseGrips then start the engine and verify that oil is circulating by watching the oil return inside the oil tank for 2-3 minutes. Intermittent oil return (bubbles) are normal but if the oil return stops or is greatly diminished, stop the engine and check to confirm that the anti-sump valve is installed with the black half toward the oil supply and the silver half toward the engine oil intake. Make sure there is oil visible in the view port (acrylic window on valve). If oil does not re-circulate through the view port and return to the oil tank, a weak pump or otherwise compromised oil circulation system may be indicated. An anti-wet sump valve will not compensate for a weak or faulty pump. For more on wet sumping check our website tech page. Make sure there is adequate oil pressure prior to even a short ride.

There are no consumer serviceable components within this sealed assembly. Dis-assembly destroys the seals and voids the one year warranty. if service is required, return to point of purchase.

Limit of liability: Liability is limited to the purchase price of this product only. Miles Classic Brake LLC shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from improper us of this product.

Note: Requires only 3 PSI to lift ball off seat.