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Although many things can be the cause of failure, particularly when hot, capacitors are the commonest cause of ‘internal’ magneto failure. Despite their modest cost, replacing them in the traditional way requires time and a certain amount of skill. Often, it will only be undertaken in the context of a full overhaul and rewind of the coils.

Because capacitors fail more often than HT windings, our objective with the EasyCap has been to separate capacitor replacement and maintenance from the ‘full works’ rebuild/rewind, while at the same time empowering the magneto owner to tackle the work required for the initial fitment of one of our EasyCap products.

Our capacitors fit at the ‘easy end’ of the magneto (where the contact breaker sits), rather than being buried in the armature. They are available for an expanding range of common magnetos and magdynos. They take a few minutes maximum to fit or remove. Replacement becomes what it ought to be, an inexpensive routine maintenance task for the good of the overall health of the ignition system – just as as it is on vehicles with distributor and coil ignition.

Initial fitment does, however, involve disabling or removing the old condenser/capacitor. This is a delicate but not particularly difficult task, which we explain in very great detail. You may need to remove one of the bearings of the magneto, and we provide drawings for the required puller, for those who enjoy a bit of turning. Alternatively, you can send your armature or complete magneto to a respected mag technician who will do the job for you.