Identifying Parts

Amal carbs come with a wide variety of spares to make sure your bike goes together with no need for modifying parts.

Cable ends & Carb Tops

For British motorcycles there is multitude options for cable fitting, but it’s important to get the right fit.

Ferrules Fitting

Throttle cable come in all shapes and sizes, thankfully we have enough spares to make any setup fit.

To the Right is an example of  Top: Ferrule Vs Bottom: Stepped ferrule (top hat)



Threaded for adjusters for Throttle & Choke

900 series


Throttle is opened for top hat ferrule, Choke is threaded for adjuster or blanking plug

900 series


Both Throttle & Choke are opened for top hat ferrule

900 series

Adjusters 4/077

Blanking plug 4/137





Fitting Cable to Carb

Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3

Start out by removing the cable from the throttle to give yourself more working length. Fig 2: Install the throttle spring and use the slide to compress the spring. Fig 3 let the bullet end pass through the needle hole and drop into the recess made for the cable.

Fig 4
Fig 5
Fig 6

Fig 4 Compress the throttle spring and hang it over the side of the slide scene in Fig 5, In Fig 6 drop the needle into the hole, make sure the needle clip is fully seated in the hole before dropping the throttle spring in.

Installing Choke

Fig 7 Fig 8
Fig 9

In Fig 9 after installing spring and guide tube run the cable through the hole and into the recess at the bottom of the choke.




When installing the slide into the carb body be sure to line up the needle, if not seated correctly when the slide is installed the needle clip can get dislodged and will need to be reset in place.