JRC Billet Alloy Rods pre-date current ownership.  We will mention them in this article due to the inquiries we continue to receive.

This product was sold by the original JRC founder John R. Calicchio.

Bill Getty acquired the company in 1987 and the tooling for the rods was not included in the purchase. Tooling was undoubtedly scrapped many years ago after the original owner went into the computer industry. Little information is available except a single page of instructions.



Bolt Torque spec:

Original paperwork lists 28 ft. lbs dry

Replacement Bolts are available through several industrial supply houses or from JRC Part number (JRC ROD BOLT)

Bolt details:



Shoulder Diameter 3/8″

Shoulder Length 1 1/2″

Thread Size 5/16″-18

Hex Drive Size 3/16″

Torque Spec 28ft/lb dry